Friday, 15 April 2016

Everyday Acts of Happiness for A Blissful Living.

The probability of been overflow with joy on a daily basis is zero due to some element around us.We can score the happy goal in bite size with easy practical proven daily acts.

Wake Up With Gratitude:

People who were grateful for yesterday feels happier than those that wake and rolls out without a reflection.Praying time is happy time.

Practice Smiletitude:

Shine your face with smile,it enrich your mind and soul,kissing away the stress and enlighten your mood.Smile is not a guarantee to a bad day but its an antidote to ease the effect.

Be Amidst Of People

Get involve,be connected,form a network with people around you.We cannot be happy in isolation.Spend good time with family and friends.

Have a Beautiful sleep:

We sleeps for one third of our lifetime,make rest time a luxury.Sleeplessnes issues muddle up a suppose good day.Its not an indulgence to love your sleep,lay on a sparkling clean sheet for a good sweet dream.Keep the television and noise at bay,dim the light in good temperature,stay happy.

Practical Happiness Assignment:

Organise a four to ten friends with free drink,pick a nice topic to gist about,hint me.Stay happy.