Thursday, 25 May 2017

Top Tips for Striving in Tough Time

Tough times are like the ocean waves,it comes and go.Its forces overpower happy moment and life becomes unbearable,emotion turns negative.
Everything seem stuck because of a loss,pain,feelings of emptiness, bitterness, frustration,anger,tough time are human stressor.

I had my share the day our house was broken down over dispute on the land.What was once a home within couple of hours turn to debris, time stand still that very moment,i cried bitterly. Fast forward to four years,I went back to the same spot and I burst into laughter. "Tough time never last but tough people do" says Robert Schuller.

We do not live in a perfect world, unexpected interruptions are part of this plane of existence.
When waves of life seems to overtakes and you feel powerless and helpless,some positive tips can make a huge difference.

Hope For The Best

Be optimistic,life can be hard and stressful,do not assume the worst.It can gets dark sometimes but tell yourself "this too shall pass away" and truly the dark cloud will soon turns clear,that's a promise because nothing last forever.

Hope is not a feeling or an emotion rather is the knowledge of fact that all will be well.
The gospel define hope as "the assurance of things hope for, the conviction of things not seen"

There is no hope in this world, we do not have a perfect world,neither is hope in mankind, human will dissapoint you.Love yourself enough to hope on God in tough time and the God of hope Will fill you with all joy and peace.

Involve God

You fall into grace and have peace when you let God.Tough time feel less of a burden because you truly find abundant joy in His presence.
Inspire yourself with beautiful soul praises,read the word of God,explore His promises,pray,worship.He is your shield, your strength, your fortress,your deliverer.He is ever faithful.Trust Him in tough time. We cheat ourself when we struggle, believing we can handle it on our own.

Be Grateful.

Look beyond the present situation to still be grateful. No matter how dark it seems,there are some things to be grateful for. Look for the wonders of the universe,we take for granted the oxygen He provides as our primary food to stay alive daily. Feel the sunshine,the starlight.Think deeply to realize that whatever happen,you are still blessed.

Shift Your Gaze

Do not allow the problem to bog you down,escape with a good book,a movie,phone someone, visit a friend. Pour your energy into something else to calm you. Immerse yourself in the good world around you, listen to music,draw and paint,walk in a garden or stroll in the middle of a fabulous city,just try to getaway from anxiety and depression.

Release it Out

Discuss with a loved one,seek support from friends and family to ease the weight and calm you,reaseach also confirm crying too release the negative chemicals. Scribble it out somewhere, let it stay in the wind, don't bottle it up alone.

Accept the Blow

Acceptance of what has happened reboot human to the reality of situation that cannot be change.
Acceptance is not resignation,we can still be pushing forward despite accepting there are things beyond our control.

Accepting put us on fast track to move on to a more meaningful life instead of expecting unrealistic change of things we cannot change.The beauty  is right after accepting things you cannot change comes changing the things you can.

So much sunshine,stay happy.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Everyday Acts of Happiness for A Blissful Living.

The probability of been overflow with joy on a daily basis is zero due to some element around us.We can score the happy goal in bite size with easy practical proven daily acts.

Wake Up With Gratitude:

People who were grateful for yesterday feels happier than those that wake and rolls out without a reflection.Praying time is happy time.

Practice Smiletitude:

Shine your face with smile,it enrich your mind and soul,kissing away the stress and enlighten your mood.Smile is not a guarantee to a bad day but its an antidote to ease the effect.

Be Amidst Of People

Get involve,be connected,form a network with people around you.We cannot be happy in isolation.Spend good time with family and friends.

Have a Beautiful sleep:

We sleeps for one third of our lifetime,make rest time a luxury.Sleeplessnes issues muddle up a suppose good day.Its not an indulgence to love your sleep,lay on a sparkling clean sheet for a good sweet dream.Keep the television and noise at bay,dim the light in good temperature,stay happy.

Practical Happiness Assignment:

Organise a four to ten friends with free drink,pick a nice topic to gist about,hint me.Stay happy.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


'Without music life would be a mistake'
-Friedrich Nietzsche.

 Regular listening to good music offer benefits and health development.What could be easier than listening to beautiful praise?

Nothing goes deep into human soul than music as it changes our mood,it does actual inspires,some music spark sweet memories,beautiful song can evokes passion,listening to good lyrics can makes you feels more alive and connected.

Certain songs do calm,makes you sleep,some relief stress and anxiety,it can rejunevate and improved health.

Are you Moody? Better search your keep for good music, press play and stay happy.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


With all their wealth,glamour and powers,the rich can't buy extra time for their life.
It cannot be controlled or be saved as it flies on. Time are precious.

start  the project,the task or whatever,now. Analysis of how we uses our time matters,we all gets 24 hours but not everybody gets the same return on it.
He who master his time master his life,he who waste his time waste his life. Recognise and avoid the time wasters in people and materials,do away with irrelevances to stay happy.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


  Keeping journals to the Therapists is healthy for people.

There is mystery to written words,when we face the next agenda,struggles or feelings in black and white,its better than bottling it within.

 Expressing our deepest dreams or whatever in written forms free the brain of mindless clutter,giving room for clearer thinking.

  Food diary,dream note,sermon diary or spending sheet are good for reference purpose.

I love gratitude note of all.Drain the brain,scribble it out to the wind will make you focus and stay happy

Sunday, 6 May 2012


1.Health enough to make work a pleasure

2.Wealth enough to support your needs

3.Strength enough to battle with difficulties&overcome them

 4.Grace enough to confess your sins&forsake them

5.Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished

6.Charity enough to see some good in your neighbour
7.Love enough to move you to be useful&helpful to others

8Faith enough to make real things of God

9.Hope enough to remove all anxious&fear concerning the future

-By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe