Sunday, 29 April 2012

Laughter Doses:Healing For the Soul.
If an apple a day keeps the doctor away,what then will a good laugh do? It has been shown to reduce cancer,lower blood pressure,reduce stress hormones and boost immune system. Norman Cousin s in 'Anatomy of an illness' accounts how he overcame major illness through laughter by arranging comedy video for genuine belly laughter which heals him. It stimulate the production of endorphines the body natural pain killer. Enjoy intense laughing dose daily,share smile,stay happy.


  1. Hey there friends... I want to welcome you... please a grab a cup of whatever: coffee, tea, water, or fresh fruit smoothie. Let's pray before we begin. *Father God, We thank you for life. We thank you for all you created. Lord we thank you most for sending your son to die so that we may be saved. Lord I ask that you bless our conversation today. We hope that our words will be pleasing to you. Father please protect my friend, allow my friend to feel your presence in such a magnificent way. Thank you again father God for friendship. In Christ's name, Amen*

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